A Well Maintained Copper Roof Can Last
centuries. It Brings Incredible Value To
The Home And Surrounding

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Copper Roofing Contractors

Doherty Roofing Can Install All Types Of Copper Roofing

What we do and what you can expect from us

We are copper roofing contractors known for our expertise in copper roofs. We’ve tackled everything from installing a round copper roof on a historical building damaged by hail to adding copper accents to bay windows or witches hats on residential homes!

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Benefits of Copper Roofing

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Durable and Efficient

Copper roofing is is extremely resistant and should last many decades

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A Wise Investment

A long term investment in your home and include lower maintenance costs

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Can be used on almost any type of residential, or commercial structure

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Copper roofing material is so durable it can often be reused

3 Why Reasons You
Should Consider a Copper Roof

A copper roof will last a LIFETIME, there will be no need to replace it.

No mold/mildew – Neither mold nor mildew will grow on a copper roof

Pests Free – Insects and rodents do not like a copper roof

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Latest Projects

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Why choose us

A Premiere Copper Roofing Contractor

As a copper roofing specialist we can recommend the perfect roofing solution for your specific needs. We installed a new copper roof on a historical building in Massachusetts.


As experienced roofers we know that a quality roofing job starts with the right materials.


Our team of professional roofers is fully licensed and insured.


Most of our clients say this is one of their most appreciated services we provide.

Licensed &

We carry state-mandated workers’ compensation and general liability insurance coverage.

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Residential & Commercial

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If you are looking for beauty, style, and extreme durability and longevity, consider copper roofing. Don't pay exorbitant prices for great service. Call for affordable, quality work. Get in touch today!

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